Refuse Bags Fundraiser

(Municipal refuse bags, Heavy duty black refuse bags, Kitchen bin bags, Utility Freezer bags )

  1. We take pride in offering high quality bags rather than high quantities. 
  2. A thirty (30) day project duration period is more than adequate to ensure maximum orders and collection of payments.
  3. Your income depends on the combination and quantity ordered.  Let’s discuss your specific requirements and decide on a combo which will meet your needs.
  4. On launch of the project, an order form is handed to each participating pupil together with a letter of explanation to the parents.  To ensure maximum success, we strongly suggest that one (1) pack per participating learner accompanies their order forms – seeing (and feeling) is believing.  Please note - this option is only recommended and NOT compulsory.  When this option is exercised, each child takes responsibility to sell the one (1) sample pack, but uses it to achieve maximum order quantities. 
  5. No upfront capital outlay is required from the school;  terms of payment are thirty (30) days AFTER delivery of first stock (recommended sample pack to accompany order form) and/or upon order after collection of order forms.
  6. Allow two (2) weeks for delivery after placement of order.
  7. Herewith our three (3) most popular options.

Combo 1

  • 5 Giant Municipal refuse bin liners
  • 30 Heavy duty refuse bags (40 micron)

Combo 2

  • 25 Extra heavy duty (45 micron) refuse bags (45 micron)
  • 25 Kitchen refuse bags (50x69x22mm)

Combo 3

  • 20 Heavy duty refuse bags (40 micron)
  • 20 Kitchen refuse bags
  • 20 Large utility (freezer) bags

More information on our MICRO FIBER CLEANING CLOTHS Fundraising project upon request - please complete the form below.

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